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YMGI PTAC Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner 15000 Btu 265v with 5 kw auxilary heater

Price: $1,305.00
(as of Mar 03,2023 05:36:05 UTC – Details)

The YMGI 15k Btu PTAC with a 5kw electric heater is a through-wall mounted system. PTAC systems use an electrically driven compressor to pump refrigerant to cool indoor air. PTAC also utilizes an electric heater as a back-up heat source when outdoor temperatures fall below freezing. YMGI’s PTAC systems are equipped with a locking air damper lever that allow control of the air source. Open the lever to let fresh air in. Close the lever to stop fresh air from entering the room, allowing you to heat or cool more quickly and efficiently. YMGI’s PTAC systems are mounted through the wall. The knock-down wall sleeve is 42” x 16” x 13 3/4” powder coated steel. PTACs are an easy and efficient way to cool and heat a room with a single piece of equipment. There is no need for refrigeration piping or special wiring. Installation is simple and fast.
5kw Auxilary Electric Heater
Molded ABS fascia
Powder coated steel frame
9.8 EER
Built in control pad
Dip switches to allow control via thermostat

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