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Y&H 500W Grid Tie Inverter DC16V-28V MPPT Pure Sine Wave AC110V Output for 12V Solar Panel,Adjutable 12V Battery Discharge

Price: $108.00
(as of Apr 29,2023 02:52:43 UTC – Details)

Y&H Grid-tied inverter is used in photovoltaic system, it maximises the output of photovoltaic solar energy from solar modules, and allows the energy to be converted and fed through the power utility grid for normal everyday uses.
Vmp(of a solar panel) must be in the MPPT range to ensure the good output efficiency.
Micro grid tie inverter compatible with 12V battery. Adjustable power 80W-250W output in 12V battery mode.Low voltage battery shutdown ensures that the battery capacity is not depleted. Extends battery life.
Micro Inverter Max Power Point Tracking and Stackable,Island Protection. If the DC connection is loose and causes a short circuit, then smoke may be emitted.The inverter adopts aluminum alloy casing, so there is no fire.
Advanced Anti-island technology.LED indicators distinctively showing status of system.Simple wiring, allowing you to easily obtain clean power.

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