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Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter Power Limiter DC25-60V Solar Input AC110V/240V Auto Switch

Price: $349.99
(as of Apr 24,2023 09:02:18 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Grid Tie InverterGrid Tie Inverter

Inverter parametersInverter parameters

Inverter parametersInverter parameters Specifications

Type: 110V/240V Auto recognitionRated Power (Peak/Continuous): 1000W / 900WDC Input Voltage: 22V~65VAC Output Frequency Range: 46Hz~65HzPeak Inverter Efficiency: 90%Night Power Consumption: 0.5WMppt efficiency: 99%Anit-Island Protection:yesStorage Tmeperature Range: -40°F~ 149°FSize:41*28*15.5cm(16.14″*11″*6.1″) Package include: 1XGrid Tie Inverter limiter 1 x Power Cord(us) 1 x English User’s Manaul 1 x Limiter clamp with sensor & 2m cable

Start DIY your solar system. Reduce your electricity bill.

Why do you need a grid tie inverter with limiter?

Because in some countries,Power Meters (the one provided by the electricity provider in the area) are not aware of the direction of power flow. the consumers will be charged for power even if it is given to the grid.

Now!!! We call this limiter.It delivers only the power needed by the load and prevents delivering excess power hence avoids excess power in going back to the Grid.

Applied Standards:VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11;DIN VDE V 0124-100:2020-06

The 22-65V model inverter will start up at 26V, after starting, the inverter can work in 22V-60V .Solar Panel Voc cannot be higher than 60V. Vmp 30v-48v Solar panels connected in Parallel suggested, for example : 4 pcs 200-250w (Vmp 31v solar panels in parallel ). Vmp = solar panel working voltage; Voc = solar panel open circuit voltage.So don’t think that 60V is the working voltage (Vmp) Please be noted, This grid tie inverter cannot be used as off grid/stand alone solar system. The output need to be connected to the grid power. Can not supply power directly to the AC loads. DO NOT use solar controller load ports to connect to the inverter Only use the 36V/48V battery to power the inverter Use a battery to power the inverter, please use a circuit breaker. The limiter wiring does not exceed 66 feet.

DIY  Solar SystemDIY  Solar System

How to DIY Grid Tie Inverter Solar System?

DC25-60V version.

1: Please check the power of your solar panel, the power cannot be lower than 200W

2: Please check your solar panel voltage, open circuit voltage 38-60V (Voc)

3: Note: Please use solar panels with the same specifications

DC InputDC Input

DC Input

Easy to install, DC connect your solar panel (red terminals connect “+”, black terminals connect “-“)

Note 1: Please connect the positive and negative poles correctly.

Note 2: Please tighten the DC end of the inverter. Avoid loosening and short circuits.

AC outputAC output

The AC cord to the inverter 3 foot outlet, then the AC cord to home 3 pin AC outlet.The switch of the home outlet must be turned on.

Note 1: The local power grid must be normal. In case of power failure, the inverter will automatically stop working (island protection)

Note 2: The household outlet switch must be turned on. Otherwise, the inverter cannot be synchronized to the grid.

Stackable ConnectionStackable Connection

Stackable Connection

The purpose is let small power inverter become high-power inverter.

In order to achieve higher power use requirements, the use of this product can be stacked, such as: 4 grid tie inverter 1000W of stack used is equal to 4000W, and the number of open stacks (No Quantitative Restrictions).

DIY  Solar SystemDIY  Solar System

DIY Solar System

DC InputDC Input

DC Input

AC outputAC output

AC output

Stackable ConnectionStackable Connection

Stackable Connection

MPPT technologyMPPT technology

Multiple protectionsMultiple protections

Fan CoolingFan Cooling

MPPT technology

Creative MPPT tech makes efficiency higher than 99%. Peak conversion 80%. Consider the conversion rate of solar panel is about 80%, for example, if you need 500W power output from the inverter, you need to connect it to a solar panel that 500 / 0.8 / 0.8 equals about 780W, (780w * 0.8 * 0.8 = 500w)

Multiple protections

Low power consumption, over current protection, over temperature protection, reverse polarity protection, etc.

Fan Cooling

The fan is controlled by temperature and power, it will start intelligently. Increase the life of the inverter. Of course, it is recommended to install the inverter in a ventilated, cool and dry place.

Grid Tie Inverter FQAGrid Tie Inverter FQA

Customer Questions & Answers

Q: Does the current limiter have current limit?

A: The current below 4.5A will make the current limiter less sensitive. It is recommended to use it at 4.5-9A.

Q: Does the buckle of the current limiter require wires?

A: It is recommended to use the correct diameter restrictor wire. If the wire is too thin, please loop the wire inside the current limiter buckle to reach the proper size of the buckle. If the wire is too thick, the current limiter buckle cannot be buckled, and the current limiter will not work.

Q: Why does the grid-tie inverter not work or stop after working for a while?

A: When the power of the load in the working state is too low, the grid-tie inverter will not be able to recognize the load, so the inverter cannot be started. After starting the grid-tie inverter, if the power of the working load is lower than 100w, the inverter may stop working.

We recommend that when using 1000w grid tie inverter, ensure that the load power in the working state is not less than 100w

Grid Tie Inverter Off Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter Hybrid Inverter On/Off-Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter On/Off Grid Solar Hybrid Inverter

60A 80A 120A 160A

Output Power
1000W 3000W 3000W 6200W 8200W

Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter Sensor.Delivers only the power needed by the load
Voc (solar panel) must not exceed 60V to ensure good output efficiency
with Battery discharge power mode, Can auto regulate depth of discharge of the battery bank.
The screen can display daily power generation & total power generation, real-time waveform display of the power grid, real-time voltage & current of solar energy system, real-time power, internal temperature, date and time

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