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YAMO DUDO Solar Oven,Outdoor Ovens,Solar Cooker Stove Kits,2500W Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker,Concentrating Solar Cooker, 51X75 Inch RectangularFoldable Solar Cooker, Magnesia

Price: $299.00
(as of Mar 11,2023 10:30:17 UTC – Details)

Product description

It is a new type of kitchen appliance that uses sunlight as energy.
It uses no coal, electricity, liquefied gas, firewood or a penny.
It only uses sunlight to convert thermal energy into boiling water, cooking and stir-frying.
It can be used in sunny places all year round without any pollution to the environment.
It is a product that advocates energy saving and environmental protection in the world. Convenient to save money, one-time investment lifetime income.
The stove should only be used in a sunny location. The reflector is stamped and formed of high-quality carbon steel plate, composed of multiple pieces, which can be detached and stored, saving space, and the surface is anti-rust treatment.

1. Large expansion area, concentrated light spot, high temperature resistance.
2. The reflector is stamped from high-quality original steel plate and treated with enhanced strength, and its service life is longer than that of ordinary solar cookers.
3. The steel plate is treated with anti-rust and has stronger weather resistance.
4. The solar cooker is composed of square steel plates, with a small packaging capacity, which is convenient for handling and transportation.
5. Does not use any fuel and electricity, and is safe and environmentally friendly. Zero carbon emissions.
SOLAR POWERED – The solar stove harnesses the power of the sun by reflecting and intensifying its rays toward your cookware. Simply point it towards the sun for fast, delicious meals on the back patio. Plate Thickness:0.7mm; size:1300mmX1900mm/51″X75″; Focal Spot Temperature:1000–1200°C.
ADVANTAGES – Concentrated light spots, high thermal efficiency, convenient operation, small packaging volume, convenient transportation, and long service life; Manual adjustment, simple operation, stable adjustment.
MORE HEALTHY – Cooking with solar energy means there is no smoke while you’re preparing meals. And you won’t get soot or ash in your food like with charcoal grills. you can control the heat by adjusting the reflectors for perfectly grilled meats with that flavorful outer crisp and tender slow-cooked insides.
MORE HEALTHY – Perfect for cooking in the backyard or on the terrace. Whether it is a hot summer day or sunny winter afternoon, the solar cooker can be used anytime the sun is visible. It also reaches those temperatures 7-9 times faster than a charcoal grill. Used for cooking and boiling water.
YAMO DUDO PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE-We can understand your mood, because I am also a consumer, so when you feel that the product is not suitable for you, we will promptly return or refund for you

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