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Xunlight XRD36 300W Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel Rollable amorphous Silicon

Price: $380.00
(as of Mar 20,2023 11:38:57 UTC – Details)

300W Flexible Thin Film solar panel Rollable without back-adhesive tape NO Tariff/Duty & No Anti-dumping Duty in American Market Power in product Tag is 291W. While its real power at STC is around 310W. Tyco Solarlock Connector. . Specifications – Pmax, Power: 300W* – Imp, Current at max. Power 5 Amp* – Vmp, Voltage at max. Power 60V* – Weight of panel 12kg (26.45Lbs) Length: 5166mm, (203.16Inch) Width: 889mm (35Inch) – Max. operating temperature 185°F *measured at STC (25℃, 1KW/m2 insolation, AM1.5) The single 300W panel is 60V and it is suitable for charging 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V with a suitable MPPT solar charge controller. It is perfect for charging 48V. If you need our technical assitance, please feel free to reach us. We can help you to design the solar system, instruct you how to installl/fix the panel to your garden, roof, or carport, or else. @
XRD36 Flexible XR Solar Laminate
Produced by Xunlight
Stocked Panel but the power is full
Very cheap price

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