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Xantrex Freedom XC 2000 817-2080 Power Inverter

Price: $1,035.00 - $846.33
(as of Apr 17,2023 15:54:22 UTC – Details)

Xantrex Freedom XC 2000 817-2080 Power Inverter
DEAD BATTERY CHARGING: The built-in lithium ion battery charger is designed to charge dead batteries drained to extremely low voltage including 0 Vdc.
POWERFUL: Perfect for loads like residential AC fridges and other sensitive applications including induction cooktops and CPAP machines. Common applications are in RVs and onboard boats. Can also be used in Class 8 trucks, work trucks, and other heavy-duty specialty vehicles. Extended power boost – 2X continuous output for 2 seconds or more for motor loads.
SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT: Efficiently designed to be compact and to fit in tight spaces without weighing down the boat, RV or other specialty vehicle where space is valuable. Its small and lightweight size makes it easy to handle and install in every application.
ALL-WEATHER: Reliable in climates as cold and wet as Alaska and as hot and dry as California. Full rated output from -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C) for operation in all climate temperatures. Can work up to 140°F (60°C), but output is derated above 104°C (40°C). Durable hardware is designed to keep the inverter running in the most extreme weather conditions.

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