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WZRELB 1500W 12V 120V Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter with Remote Control Switch

Price: $192.99 - $169.83
(as of Apr 26,2023 10:12:11 UTC – Details)

About WZRELB professional manufacturer for pure sine WAVE power inverter for 10 years provide prompt reply friendly customer service and 18-month product details DC input 12V DC input range 10v-15v efficiency 85%-90% AC output 120v frequency 60Hz socket dual us Type> low voltage alarm 9 5V-10 5V low voltage shut down 9v-10v> over load shut off recovery manually> over voltage shut down 15 5V cooling ways cooling fan will run when the temp is over 50 degree celsius precautions 1 Please do not connect the inverter with the grid power and a reverse connection of positive and negative is also forbidden 2 Please do not overload If your applications are inductive loads please choose the inverters whose continuous power is 3-7 times higher than the watts of your appliances If you want to power up a refrigerator we suggest you use 10 times higher power inverter 3 Please turn off the load first then turn off the inverter And as there is a soft start function please turn on the inverter first then turn on your loads or the output may not stable at the first seconds 4 For a red light flashing it remind that the input voltage is a bit high 5 Please use the set of standard Battery cables we sent or a full output may not be There are Build-in fuse for safety concern The fuse come with package are just spare parts 6 Considering transportation safety We took off the battery of remote controller you can buy it in your local place Its specification is 23a 12V
Fully safety protections over voltage low voltage overload short circuit over heat polarity reverse protection(fuse) ground protection from leakage of electricity
Build-in intelligent cooling fan works according to temp and not load Prolongs battery life It is fairly quiet and only cycles on when the temp is over 50 degree Celsius
Monitor power usage with no effort — LED Display for both DC volt and AC volt which makes the power usage clear for users
High quality pure copper inductance filter the wave form ensure the true pure sine wave AC output safeguard your equipment All big imported mosfets with strong driving capacity

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