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WIBBEL Solar inverters High-Power Pure sine Wave Power Frequency Inverter 48V96V4000W6KW Solar Single-Phase All-in-one UPS (Size : 96V 5000W MPPT60A)

Price: $3,736.03
(as of May 10,2023 02:18:12 UTC – Details)

Type: Solar Inverter
Circuit Topology: Half Bridge
Output voltage waveform: sine wave
Input voltage range: 48/96
Output voltage: 220
Output power: 6000
Inverter efficiency: 85
Voltage Regulation: 3
Load Regulation: 3
Output frequency: 50/60
Dimensions: 530*310*550mm
Maximum output power: 12000
Continuous output power: 6000
Specifications: 48V 4000W MPPT60A
Unit weight: 59kg

And compatible to mains voltage or generator power, Auto restart while AC is recovering.
with Battery discharge power mode, Can auto regulate depth of discharge of the battery bank.
Batteryless support: the inverter can power the loads from PV array / ac grid without battery connected
This solar inverter can power all kinds of appliances in home or office environment, including motor-type appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioner.

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