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VFD Variable Frequency Drive,Vfd Inverter Single to 3 Phase,DC400‑700V Input 380V Output 4KW Solar Photovoltaic Water Pump 3 Phase VFD Speed Controller,for Spindle Motor Speed Control

Price: $239.59
(as of May 28,2023 19:06:23 UTC – Details)


Item Type: Variable Frequency Inverter
Material: ABS and Aluminum
Model: 9600D-3T-00400D
Input Voltage: DC400-700V
Output Voltage: AC 3PH 0-380V 0-650Hz
Rated Power: 4.0KW
Rated Current: 8.5A
Size: Approx.126x160x170mm/5×6.3×6.7in

Package List:1 x Variable Frequency Inverter 1 x Manual
Note:1. The default upper limit frequency of this solar photovoltaic inverter is 50HZ, and the reverse function is disabled by default. If you want to change it, please operate correctly according to the instructions.
3. Please try to meet the recommended voltage for the DC input voltage, otherwise the solar energy conversion rate will be reduced.
4. The AC input and DC input switches cannot be closed at the same time, otherwise the inverter or solar panel will be damaged.
5. Do not use the inverter with overload, for example, the power of the inverter is smaller than that of the motor, or the ordinary motor is running at more than 50HZ, in these situation, the inverter will frequently skip the overload protection fault, and even fry the machine, the motor may be overheated and burn out.
6. Special inverter for solar energy, suitable for solar photovoltaic panel power generation to drive motor loads such as fans and pumps. The type can be selected according to the motor voltage and power. If the water depth of the submersible pump exceeds 30 meters, it is recommended to enlarge one or two stages of optional inverter, and add a reactor between the inverter and the water pump. Otherwise, the service life of the inverter will be reduced.

[Double Layer Board Design] Our VFD converter features a double layer board design with three-proof paint treatment, ensuring a simple structure and low failure rate.
[Clear Digital Display] Our photovoltaic inverter features a bright red digital tube display for easy viewing and monitoring.
[Safe and Durable]Our terminal is fully surrounded to avoid electric shock, and the outer casing is made of ABS fire-resistant and heat-resistant plastic material for long-lasting durability.
[Compact and Lightweight] Our frequency converter is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle and install in any application.

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