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Treedix 6V 6W Polysilicon Solar Panel Glue Solar Cell Battery Charger DIY Solar Product Mini Small Solar Panel Module Kit Polycrystalline Silicon Encapsulated in Waterproof Resin (6W)

Price: $16.99
(as of Mar 12,2023 10:00:06 UTC – Details)

Material: Polysilicon
Thickness: 3mm
Size: 6.69 x 9.05 inch
Packaging: PCB & Glue
Working Voltage: 6V
Working Current: 1000mA
Power: 6.00W
Open Circuit Voltage: 7.2V
Conversation Rate: 18%
Working Tempertaure: -10 ~ 60 ℃
Solar Testing standard ( Light intensity: 40000lux,Temperature: 25℃ )

Package included:
1 pcs of Solar Panel

Battery Matching Specs:
Battery —— Voltage of Solar Panel
1.2V —— 2~2.5V
2.4V —— 3.5~4V
3.6V —— 5~6V
6V —— 7.5~9V
12V —— 15~18V

Note: You should use them with a diode to prevent them from draining your battery/supercap at night.

Polysilicon solar panel is one kind of solar panel but in different package. Through cutting solar cells into small pieces to meet different required voltage and current, then package.
Using epoxy resin glue to cover the solar cell and with PCB(Printed Circuit Board) attached, have the feature of resist compression, corrosion resisting, crystal-clear appearance, low cost, etc. Encapsulated in waterproof resin so it should not be affected by rain or snow.
Solar panels are devices that absorb sunlight and convert solar radiation directly or indirectly into electricity through photoelectric or photochemical effects, which is perfect devices for science project.
Solar panels can link together in parallel or series to speed up the rate of charge to max the voltage power in order to match the storage battery of your DIY solar products. We offer multiple voltages of solar panel for you to choose, such as 0.5V, 1V, 1.5V, 2V, 3V, 3.5V, 4V, 5V, 5.5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 18V, and solar panel with USB attached.
To build your own powered models, solar toys, solar lights, solar displays, charging small DC batteries. DIY solar products application: Solar Lawn Lamp, Solar Wall Lamp, Solar Art Craft, Solar Toy, Solar Radio, Solar Aluminum Flashlight , Solar Powerbank Charger, Solar Mini Water Pump, etc.

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