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Solar Power Bank, Nuynix 20000mAh Solar Charger Large Capacity Portable Power Bank External Battery Pack Type C Port with 2 USB Port Built-in Dual LED Flashlight Solar Panel Charging(Orange)

Price: $19.99 - $18.99
(as of May 12,2023 10:36:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description



11 Specification

Current of Solar Panel: 200mA(effected by the intensity of sunlight)

Battery Type: Lithium Ploymer

Capacity: 20000mAh/74Wh

Operating Temperature: -14~140°F

Flashlight Runtime: 55 to 65 Hours

Type-C Input/Output: 5V/2.4A(Max)

USB Output: 5V/2.4A(Max)

Charge Time: 6-8hours(charged by 5V/2A adapter)

a few days(by solar charging,depends on weather)

Why choose this solar portable charger?

* 20000mAh powerful enough to juice up your phone for several times.

* Support most USB devices device charging.

* 2.4A (max) outputs let you 2X faster power up your devices.

* Temporarily does not support QC and PD fast charging

* Get your recharge covered by providing both USB inputs and sunlight.

* Serves as not only an on-the-go charger but a handy flashlight in the dark.

The LED indicator lights up when the power bank to charge your digital device. The power bank will stop charging when the digital device is fully charged. DO NOT charge any digital devices when the power bank reaches a lo w battery level. It is highly recommended that the power bank should be fully charged via outlet before first use. Do not place the solar charger in the vehicle or environment with high temperatures. Otherwise, the battery life will be affected and cause a safety hazard due to the heat source.


USB and Solar Charging 2-in-1

You can fully recharge this 20000mAh power bank within 6-8hours via 5V/2A USB port.Fully charging by USB takes approximately 10 hours. DO NOT charge it all day nor over voltage.

The solar power bank will be automatically recharged when the solar panel is placed directly in the sun. (NOTE:Do not expose it to extreme temperatures). Solar charging is a charging way for emergency use, and solar panel charging efficency will be influenced by natural conditions and random factors, please don’t rely on solar charging or regard it as the main charging way, please charger it by wall plug for daily use.


Multi-intelligent Protection Mechanism:

Temperature Protection:The thermistor and temperature control mechanism ensures that the power bank operates within a safe temperature range when charging the digital device.

Overvoltage Protection:The OVP circuit design can prevent overvoltage during the charge and discharge processes of the power bank, thus avoiding damage to the back-end circuit.

Short Circuit Protection:The fuse device provides self-protection against motherboard and battery damage when a short circuit fault occurs.

Battery Overcharge or Over-discharge Protection:The use of japan’s lithium-ion electric protection device can effectively prevent the batteries from excessive charging and discharging.

Output Overcurrent Protection:It is a smart safeguard design that stops charging to protect digital devices when the output current of the power bank exceeds the maximum value.




Superb Portability

So light and slim that you can carry them wherever you want. Always keep your phone battery green.


20000mAh large capacity, to ensure that your device has no power worries.

Functional LED Light

This solar portable charger features 3 light modes: Steady, Strobe, and SOS mode. It can protect your safety when you are outdoors at night.




Portable Carabiner

The product is equipped with a boarding buckle, can be sloar power bank hanging on your travel bag, so that you in the hiking, outdoor, riding more convenient to use.

Widely Compatible

Supports charging of most USB devices (iPhone or Android phone, Ipad, Camera, MP3/MP4, etc.)

Three USB Outputs

Now you can fast fuel 3 devices together to make your time even more richer and fun.


Product Elements Package Contents: 1 * 20000mAh Solar Charger 1 * Type-C Cable 1 * Free Carabiner 1 * User Guide Attention:

1.When the power bank charges two or more devices at the same time, the maximum current cannot exceed 2.7A,or it whill activate the overcurrent protection,then the system will automatically disconnect the output.In this case,please try to reduce the charging device and restart the power bank, it will work fine.

2.This IP65-rated solar power bank can be exposed to humid or wet climate.But never drop it into the water.

3.The packaged type-C cable is used for recharging the solar power bank. We recommend you use the original USB cable to charge your phone or other USB devices.

Special Reminder Warning

Do not disassemble the product. Otherwise,it may cause a safety hazard.

Keep away from fire,heat,or high temperature to avoid shortening the service life or damaging the product.

Avoid exposure to static electricity,strong mangnetic fields, and radiation.

Keep out of reach of children.

Please dispose of the product in accordance with local recycling and environmental regulations.

【Powerful Compatibility】:This solar power bank has built-in 1 Type C port and 2 USB ports, It allows charger 3 Devices at the same time.Built-in smart transformer chip, compatible with most devices on the market such as iphone , ipad, Samsung, HTC, LG and other Android phones. As long as there is a suitable cable, it can also charge other devices such as watches, headsets, GPS, Gopro Camera,etc.
【Dual LED Flashlight】:Power bank is equipped with two super bright LED headlight flashlights. There are 3 different modes, namely, always-on mode, flashing mode, and emergency mode, which is a very useful feature that can help you cope with most situations outdoors.
【Charging Protection Mechanism】:This solar charger is equipped with multiple protection mechanisms, which can protect your device from harm in a variety of extreme situations, Including intelligent safety protection to avoid overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, short circuit, etc. allowing your device to be charged in a safe condition, you don’t have to worry about wrong usage and damage your electronic equipment.
【Warm Tips】:There are 2 charging methods for the power bank, and USB charging is the main charging method. that solar charging is an additional feature, since the charging speed is affected by the sunlight intensity and the conversion rate of the panel, it takes a long time to fully charge. Solar charging is for emergency use only. It is an additional feature and not the main input. Therefore, it is recommended that you use an adapter with a power above 5V2A to charge the solar charger for daily use.

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