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SANFAG Off-Grid Power Inverter, Pure Sine Wave Solar Hybrid Inverter 5000W, Hybrid Solar Inverter with 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller, Auto Restart Overload Short Circuit Protections

Price: $1,232.99
(as of May 07,2023 13:03:14 UTC – Details)

●Main technical parameters

Rated power: 5000VA/5000W
Parallel: 9 units in parallel
Voltage: 230VAC
Optional voltage range: 170-280VAC (for personal computer)
90-280VAC (for household appliances)
Frequency range: 50Hz/60Hz (automatic identification)
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode): 230VAC±5%
Surge power: 10000VA
Efficiency (peak): 93%
Conversion time: 20ms (for home appliances)
Waveform: pure sine wave
Battery voltage: 48VDC
Float voltage: 54VDC
Overcharge protection: 60VDC
Maximum PV open circuit voltage: 450VDC
Maximum photovoltaic configuration power: 4500W
MPPT operating voltage range: 120-430VDC
Maximum photovoltaic charging current: 80A
Maximum grid charging current: 80A
Maximum charging current: 80A
Size: D”W*H(mm)120*295*468
Net weight (kg): 11
Humidity: 5%-95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Working temperature: 0℃-50℃
Storage temperature: -15C-60℃
✔【Intelligent Protection】: Safe and worry-free automatic restart when AC power is restored; overload/overheating/short circuit protection; smart battery charger design optimizes battery performance; cold start function. Aluminum alloy body, built-in interface system, light and convenient, more convenient installation.
✔【Parallel】: The rated power of each inverter is 5000W-48V. This inverter can be connected in parallel to increase the power used by the inverter, and up to 9 units can be connected in parallel.
✔【Inverter/Charger】: Pure sine wave all-in-one inverter with up to 93% efficiency. It features an uninterruptible power supply and is ideal for applications where power is unreliable, intermittent, or expensive to maintain. Ideal for stationary installations (e.g. remote areas, vacation homes, cabins and cabins) and off-grid mobile applications (e.g. narrow boats, yachts, etc.)
✔【Note】: The reverse connection of input and output positions is prohibited. The positive and negative poles of the battery must not be reversed. The PV voltage range should be within the normal working voltage range of the machine (see the manual for details). Do not connect the wrong battery voltage. Overload operation is prohibited.

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