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Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12V to 220V 8000W/6000W/4000W/3000W Portable Power Bank Voltage Converter Transformer Solar Inverter (Color : 6000W, Size : 50HZ DC 24V 220V_Universal Socket)

Price: $185.57
(as of Jun 05,2023 07:25:58 UTC – Details)

Specifications: – Name: pure sine wave inverter
Dc 12V – Output voltage: AC 220V (210~230V)
– Output frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
– Peak power: 8000W / 6000W / 4000W / 3000W
– Rated power: 1300W / 1000W / 800W / 500W (Ensure that the total power of the connected devices is less than 1300W / 1000W / 800W / 500W)
– Product size: 33x6x10.3 cm; 28.6×10.3x6cm; 24.5×10.3x6cm; 21×10.3x6cm
– Maximum AC current per socket: 8.33 amps
Output waveform: true/pure sine wave (<;3%THD) Efficiency: 90≥%
– No-load current consumption (DC side) <; 0.6A-8
Safety protection function: reverse polarity protection, low input voltage protection, high input voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, overload protection, internal fuse

2. [LED voltage screen display] LED display displays real-time battery input voltage and reminds you to charge the battery according to the low voltage.
3.[Wide application] Very suitable for gifts, rechargeable TV, washing machine, air conditioning, refrigerant, microwave oven and high power electrical appliances. These can only work for a few 220V loads without interference. It can also be used in cars or solar systems.
4.[Car into RV] With our on-board power inverter, you can use most of the household appliances in the car in the open air, such as watching TV, playing games, giving you the same experience as in the RV.
5.[Silent intelligent cooling fan] equipped with silent cooling fan, according to the power load (watt) load and temperature automatically run at different speeds, in order to heat dissipation and reduce working noise. A temperature sensor is built into the inverter. When the temperature exceeds 45°C, the fan automatically works. When the temperature exceeds 75°C-80°C, the inverter will be in protected mode until cooled

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