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PowMr 3000W Off-Grid Solar Inverter 110V Split Phase Built-in 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with WiFi, Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter Work with 24V Battery Off Grid Solar Home Use(WiFi Version)

Price: $827.00
(as of Apr 19,2023 13:09:15 UTC – Details)

  • Input Voltage Waveform: Utilily or Generator
  • Input voltage: 120V AC
  • MAX AC input Voltage: 150V AC
  • Input Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz(Auto detection)
  • Efficiency: >95% (Rated R load, battery full charged)
  • NOTE: When AC input voltage drops to 95V, the ouput power will be derated.

Growatt 24V Inverter charger, Split Phase funciton Output 110/120V(use two or more, can output 220/230VAC) 60Hz/50Hz can be setting, can be used in parallel with two different modes, Parallel operation in single phase up to 6 units, or max 6 units work together to support three-phase equipment.
24V Li Ion & Lead Acid battery support, AGM, Flooded, User-defined, Lithium able to select. Growatt SPF 24V inverter with very detail LCD display allow you know inverter’s working satuts and setting in easy way.
Solar charge Inverter with Multiple working modes, 3 modes output working fit your load and 4 modes charging your battery. Output: Solar energy first, Utility first, Solar and battery energy first. Charging modes: Solar power first, Ultility power first, Solar and Utility, Solar only.
Two or More solar inverter work together can output 110V220V at the same time,Inverter’s Parallel up to 6 units,【Power balance/power saving function】You can choose if all the input solar energy to charge your battery, Or solar energy will power your load and charge your battery at the same time. Contact get support. Note: please follow the user manual instruction.

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