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Portable Air Conditioner for Personal with 3 Wind Speeds,Mini Evaporative Air Cooler Fan,USB Air Personal Conditioner with 7 Colour LED Lights,Small Air Conditioner for Bedroom,Office and Outdoors

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Portable Air Conditioner– A comfortable and natural way to keep you stay cool this summer!
Operating the Portable Air Conditioner:
  1.Place the Portable Air Conditioner on a horizontal table.
  2.Open the lid.
  3.Add pure water or mineral water(Don’t add water higher than the maximum water level).
  4.Remove the filter.For better cooling,you might use a few crushed ice.
  5.Connect the charging port on the air conditioner.
  6.Press the power button to turn on,enjoy the cool life brought by the portable air conditioner.
  📣 For best cooling effect,the recommended environment temperature is above 77°F.The drier the environment is,the stronger the effect is.
  📣 Please use a data cable or power adapter with a rated voltage and current of 5V and 2A to connect the portable air conditoner,otherwise it may 
cause the motor to malfunction or performance degradation.
  📣 Place the portable air conditioner on a flat platform when filling water,don’t tilt it.Please observe the water level perspective window and don’t make 
the water surface exceed the highest water mark F position.
  📣 After the portable air conditioner is filled with water,it should remain stable while moving and cannot be tilted.
  📣 When the portable air conditioner is not used for a long time,please empty and dry the water tank,remove the nano filter element and dry it.
  ✔ Optimal use distance:11.8-31.5 IN
  ✔ Best environmental experience:temperature above  77°F
  ✔ The cooling effect is inversely proportional to the humidity.
  ✔ The drier the environment is,the stronger the effect is.
 Product Name: Portable Air Conditioner
 Color: Black
 Size: 7.48*7.48*7.67IN
 Charging method: USB
 Water Tank Capacity: 500ml
 Continuous Humidification Time: 8h
 Wind Speed: 3 gears adjustable
 Function: cold wind, humidification, air purification
❄ :You just need to pour some ice water into the water tank, turn on the portable air conditioner, and it will cool the hot air around you in a few seconds.
❄ :The portable air conditioner has portable design,small size.The mini air conditioner is only 7.48*7.48*7.67 inches,so it’s very convenient.The best choice for camping and you can easily carry it out.
❄ :Portable air conditioner with a 500ml large-capacity water tank, which is easy to fill with water or ice. A full tank of water can continuously keep cooling for 6-8 hours.
❄ :3 adjustable speeds that you can select the most suitable one to enjoy your leisure time.The portable air conditioner has 3 wind speeds (high, medium, low) can be adjusted. Different gears of wind speed for you to choose.
❄ :The portable air conditioner is a USB power supply, so it is very useful for indoor and outdoor use. It can be connected to adapters, power banks, computers, car chargers for convenient use.
❄ :Small air conditioner is professionally designed with unique air duct design and fluid dynamics, which results in a low noise. In particular,the AC fan with 7 colors of lights can provide you with a romantic atmosphere and a cool sleep on hot summer nights.

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