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Northern Lights Group SunRain Solar Flat Plate Collector- SRCC Solar Water Heater

Price: $838.64
(as of Mar 06,2023 12:54:13 UTC – Details)

Sunrain FPC1200D – Solar Flat Plate Water Collector Heaters come complete with 45 degree aluminum frame to allow ground mount as well as roof mount options making these very versatile water heaters. The flat plate solar collectors are ideal for southern climates where the high performance winter performance of a solar vacuum tube is not needed. The FPC1200D is ideal for seasonal solar pool heating and solar domestic hot water applications. With SRCC rating these collectors qualify for 30%tax credit in USA.
Superior Construction – The low iron solar glass and high R-insulation allow these flat plate collectors to maximize the absorption of the solar radiation. The copper piping connects multiple panels together with 4 x 3/4″ copper fittings on both top and bottom. The aluminum frame is light weight yet ensures no rusting that can occur with metal frames.
High Performance – When investing in solar technology, it is important to ensure the “engine” you select is the most powerful and the longest lasting made. This if why we use SunRain’s patented “3-Hi” select coating on the absorber plate. The absorbing coating found on the inner layer determines how efficient the water heater will operate. The method and material of this coating will also define the life expectancy of the vacuum tube.
SunRain’s International patented interference film coating “3 Hi process use 3 systems to ensure the most effective heat absorption. This included a AL-N/AI layer but also a separate aluminum and copper layer. The added layer conduct heat better and also stabilize the coating allowing for a much longer lifespan of 20 year or greater.

Length 79″ x Width 39.5″
Requires SIN or Tax ID for shipping to USA

SunRain Solar Flat Plate Collector- SRCC solar water heater
Best Cost/Performance solar flat plate collectors in North America for solar pools and solar hot water.
SRCC rated for 30% tax credit
Length 79″, Width 39.5″, Height 3.5″, Weight 85 Lbs, Warranty 5 years, BTU/hr 4785, Fitting 3/4″ copper,
Requires SIN or Tax ID for shipping to USA

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