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NALMAXO UPS Power Frequency Pure Sine Wave Solar Car Charging Inverter 4000W-6000W 24V-72V to 110V 220V Suitable for Solar and Wind Power Generation Systems (Color : 6000W, Size : 60V-110V)

Price: $2,130.80
(as of Jun 05,2023 23:59:12 UTC – Details)

■ Specification:
Rated power: 4000W│5000W│6000W
Peak power: 16000W│20000W│24000W
Input voltage: (170-260)VAC
Input power: 45-65Hz
Output voltage: AC220V+3% (battery mode)
Output frequency: 50/60Hz±1% (battery mode)
Output waveform: pure sine wave
Machine efficiency: >85%
Overload ability: 110%~120% for 60 seconds, 150% or more for 10 seconds
Communication interface: RS-232 (optional)
Working temperature: Adaptive temperature: -30°C~90°C
Working temperature: 0°C~40°C
Working humidity: 10%-90%
Energy-saving air consumption: 3W
No-load and no-load consumption: 25W│28W│30W
Weight: 30kg│32kg│35kg
Chassis size: 660*220*180mm

■ battery priority mode
Scope of application: solar and wind power generation systems, outdoor operations.

■ Mains priority mode
Scope of application: home, company, shop, database, computer room UPS system, vehicle power system.

■ Energy saving priority mode
Scope of application: Photovoltaic power generation system, trucks, fishing boats for long-distance voyage electricity modification.

■ RV Priority Mode
Applicable scenarios: The caravan is out, connected to the generator for charging, and the battery needs to be activated/repaired in starvation state.

■ Reminder: There should be an hour between switching between DC and AC
【HIGH QUALITY】The UPS inverter has a long service life and higher reliability. It will be your trustworthy partner no matter it is used in long-distance travel or land travel. It still works normally in a complex environment of -30°C-60°C, and the power supply is sufficient.
【BATTERY TYPE SETTING】By default, the inverter has parameters such as lead-acid battery, gel battery, iron-lithium battery, and ternary lithium battery charging voltage, low-voltage protection, and high-voltage protection. If the above battery types cannot meet the battery parameters required by your battery, you can set custom battery parameters to be compatible with the battery.
【MULTI PROTECTION】overload, short circuit, over temperature, battery high voltage and low voltage protection, mains high and low voltage protection.
【INTELLIGENT COOLING FAN】The smart cooling fan will makes the power inverter silent when operating, and it runs faster when it gets warmer, this design can help to lower the fan noise. Also the high speed cooling fan protect the inverter against overheating.

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