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MANGAO 1000W Solar Grid Tie Inverter MPPT Pure sine Wave on Grid Inverter DC22-65V or 45-90V to 110V/ 230V AC Low Battery Cut Off (Color : Without WiFi, Size : 22-65_95-265V)

Price: $741.72
(as of May 19,2023 15:23:11 UTC – Details)

1000W Battery discharge mode/LCD Solar Grid Tie inverter With built-in powerlimiter,MPPT pure sine wave on grid inverter DC22-6V/45-90V to AC110V/ 230V
G2 (Generation 2) SUN Series Grid Tie Power Inverter Limit Function User Manual
Why our grid tie inverters need limitfunction? — It is in response to the overwhelming clamor from our customers
for a function that can control the amount of power that the grid tie inverters can generate.With this function, the inverters will just generate power that is not larger than the loads’ power even the inverters are connected with big power solar panel array, we call it "limit function"
Because in some countries, the producer pays for the excess power it gives to the distribution grid. This is because
the electric power meter(the one provided by the electricity provider in the area) is not aware of the direction of power flow. In other words it only adds even if power is exported to the grid, thus, the consumer will be charged for power even if it is given to the grid, and this is the problem.
Our SUN G2 series grid tie inverters are integrated this limit function, so SUN G2 series inverters can work in limit mode
or normal mode(no limit), you can make the configuration on the LCD display.
The limit sensor should be clamped on the live line at the position before the loads’ access points, and the inverter’s
access point can be at any position on the same live line, see picture 1. The inverter with the limit function will just generate power that is less than total power consumption by loads that are connected after the position that the limit sensor clamped. The inverter will not measure loads’ power that connected before the point of the limit sensor clamped.
Connecting method for three phases AC grid
If your AC grid is three phases grid, and you have more SUN G2 grid tie inverters, then you
can connect inverters to three phases individually. Please see p

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