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Grid Tie Micro Inverter 10.8V30V Power Inverter DC to AC Solar Microinverter Sine Wave Inverter (GMI-150L-AC110V)

Price: $66.73
(as of May 04,2023 20:50:44 UTC – Details)

Item Type: Grid Tie Micro Inverter
Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight: Approx. 427g/15.06oz
Size: 20×7.7×3.6cm/7.87×3.03×1.42in
Solar PV:
Number of Connectors at Input: 1 set (group)
Maximum Power Point Tracking Range: 12.5V-25V
Operating Voltage Range: 10.8V-30V
Maximum DC Input Voltage: 30V
Starting Voltage: 10.8V
Maximum DC Input Current: 7.5A, 9.37A, 11.25A
AC Output (AC):
Single Phase Grid Type: 120V 230V
Rated AC Voltage: 120VAC 230VAC
Output Voltage Range: 120VAC: 80V-160V at230VAC: 180V-280V
Rated AC Frequency: 50Hz 60Hz
Output Frequency Range: 50Hz: 47.5Hz-52.5Hz at60Hz: 57.5Hz-62.5Hz
Output Power Factor: >0.99
Maximum Conversion Efficiency: 92.5%
CEC Weighted Efficiency: at120VAC: 90.5% at230VAC: 91.5%
Tracking Efficiency: 99.9%
Nighttime Loss: Mechanical Data:
Operating Ambient Temperature: -40℃ to +65℃
Protection Level: IP55
Cooling Method: Natural cooling without fan
Other Features:
Isolation Characteristics: transformer isolation
Comprehensive Grounding: PE end in AC cable line is the grounding wire of the equipment, no other grounding port.
Protection Mode: Islanding protection, voltage protection, frequency protection, temperature protection, current protection, etc.

How to Use:

Package List:
1 x Micro Inverter

1 x Manual
1 x AC Cable

Grid Tie: This device is a grid tie micro inverter. To make it work properly, it must be connected to the grid properly, and the grid works properly, and when the grid stops working, it will also stop generating electricity.
Installation Notes: Install away from direct sunlight and direct rain exposure. Please keep it in a ventilated, dry and cool place. The voltage of the PV panel should not exceed the maximum input voltage of the solar grid tie inverter.
Mulit Protection Mode: The grid tie micro inverter with islanding protection, voltage protection, frequency protection, temperature protection, current protection, etc.
High Performance: Our solar inverter provides sustainable energy and brings excellent environmental efficiency. the highest conversion efficiency can attain 92.5%, offers you efficient power transmission rate.

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