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Frigidaire Evaporative Air Cooler and Heater | 373 CFM | Energy Efficient Eco-Friendly Cooling, Removable 1.45 Gallon Water Tank, Honeycomb Pad Cooling, Remote Control, and Timer

Price: $249.99 - $99.99
(as of Mar 11,2023 12:19:12 UTC – Details)

1. The Ultimate Appliance for Personal Comfort:
The 2-in-1 Evaporative Cooler with Heating provides convenient year-round comfort in arid desert climates. Use the evaporative cooling mode to humidify and chill the air during the summer, or flip to the 1200-watt heater to stay toasty in the winter. The 353 CFM fan covers up to 215 square feet to efficiently cover small bedrooms and personal seating areas. 

2. Designed for Total Convenience:
Looking for a portable evaporative cooler that's actually easy to move? This design updates old-fashioned swamp coolers with an easy-grip handle that lets you move it with just one hand. The lightweight body and easy-glide casters make it a cinch to position it anywhere you need a little extra comfort. And unlike some traditional air conditioners, you can plug it into any standard outlet. Easy! 

3. Easy Refills and Customized Comfort: 
The 2-in-1 Evaporative Cooler with Heating is a snap to refill. Just carry the removable water tank to your nearest sink — no need to carry a pitcher back and forth for several messy trips. The included remote control lets you change settings at the touch of a button. Choose from three fan speeds, three heat levels, and two oscillation settings for customized comfort. Winter or summer, you're in charge. 

4. Kiss Dry Desert Air Goodbye:
The 2-in-1 Evaporative Cooler with Heating is perfect for arid climates. Just fill with water to provide extra humidity to your room and alleviate dry skin. Place it bedside at night for better breathing, or by your desk for a more comfortable workday. This air cooler is eco-friendly and uses only water — no chemical coolants or sky-high air conditioning costs to worry about. 

[One appliance does it all] – The evaporative cooler and space heater
[Fully Portable] – The Lightweight body, sturdy handle and easy-glide casters provide portable convenience.
[Easy to Use] – Removable 1.45-gallon water tank offers easy, no-mess refills
[Multiple Fan Speeds] – Choose your ideal fan speed, mode, and two oscillation styles for customized comfort.
[353 CFMs] – Offers personal cooling to cover small bedrooms, personal seating areas and rooms up to 215 sq. ft.
[Eco-friendly] – The evaporative cooling saves energy and money in desert climates

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