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FellDen Micro Solar Panels Photovoltaic Cells, 10PCS 5V 200mA Epoxy Panel Kit Polycrystalline Cells 110mmx60mm / 4.33”x 2.36” (5V200mA)

Price: $20.99
(as of Mar 29,2023 10:22:58 UTC – Details)

On the use and testing: The product is used under sufficient light conditions. STC standards need to meet the following conditions: Atmospheric pressure 101kPa Solar irradiance 1000W/m² Module temperature 25℃ Air quality AM1.5 So versatile, these mini solar panels are ideal for use in science projects and electronic applications. Perfect for using as a convenient charger for small DC batteries (great for taking with you when camping or fishing!), the compact solar cells are also ideal for DIY and home projects including creating solar lawn and landscape lights or powering small motors to create solar toys. Tips: -The product has a film on the surface, it is recommended to tear it off before use -Multiple pieces in parallel and series can increase power Storage Battery —-relation—Solar Panel 1.2V————————2.0V 2.5V 2.4V————————3.5V 4.0V 3.6V————————5.0V 6.0V 6.0V———————–7.5V 9.0V
[ Package Content ] 5Voltage 200mA 10Pcs Polycrystalline Solar Panels
[ Dimension] 110mmx60mm/4.33″x 2.36″ (L*W); Thickness: 2.5mm/0.1″
[ DIY Your Own Model ] To charge cell , for home lighting and different kinds of low-power DC appliances, for science projects, for solar powered water pump, small solar power system, etc.
[ High Quality ] High quality epoxy resin, unique technology to make the components beautiful and strong, anti-wind and snow, increase the service life of solar panels.

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