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Equator Outdoor Spot Air Conditioner – Waterproof with Casters

Price: $659.00
(as of Mar 14,2023 15:56:17 UTC – Details)

Equator Outdoor Spot Air Conditioner – Waterproof with Casters
UNIVERSAL WHEELS: 4 universal wheels make moving this portable AC unit easy and hassle-free
POWER-OFF PROTECTION: Unlock complete peace of mind knowing this unit will shut off if any issues arise
COMPRESSOR OVER-LOAD PROTECTION: Feel protected that this portable AC will shut off if it detects any motor overheating potential
POWERFUL COOLING CAPACITY: Quickly cool down a targeted area with a temperature drop of approximately 20ºF from the outside temperature.
ANTI-RUST & ANTI-CORROSION METAL DESIGN: A silver painted, all-metal design made to last. Comes with protection cover.
FREESTANDING: No installation required, so simply move this portable AC unit where you need it the most
WATERPROOF: Waterproof electronic parts inside the unit means it can safely sit outside even during heavy downpours
OFF-GRID: The unit can be powered by a 100 amp DC battery (not included) that will last for 6 hours.

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