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Concentrating Solar Cooker, 59” Diameter Camping Outdoor Solar Cooker for Outdoor Cooking Steaming, Solar Heating, Visual Education DIY Solar Concentrator, Instantaneous Temperature 1472-1832℉

Price: $163.49
(as of Mar 13,2023 04:26:56 UTC – Details)

Product Parameters:
Net Weight: 15kg
Bracket Material: Iron
Stove Circle Diameter: 25.5cm (10.03inch)
Support Height: 115cm (45.27inch)
Diameter Of Solar Cooker: 150cm (59.05inch)
Features Of The New Multifunctional Solar Cooker:
(1) High Calorific Value
The New Multifunctional Solar Cooker Can Miraculously Convert All The Light Energy Of The Sun Into Heat In An Instant. The Facula Converged By The Solar Cooker Is a Heat-Collecting Light Cluster, And The Temperature Can Be As High As 800-1000 Degrees In An Instant. Its Thermal Power Equivalent To An Electric Furnace Of 1000 To 1500 Watts, 1 Kg Of Water Can Be Boiled In 6 To 8 Minutes. The Wood Strips And Paper Placed On The Light Spot Can Be Quickly Ignited, So Do Not Use Your Hands Or Human Body. To Test The Temperature Of The Spot To Avoid Burns.
(2) Long Service Life
The Reflective Plate Is Not Deformed, Resistant To Aging, The Reflective Material Is Durable, Does Not Change Color, Does Not Fall Off, Does Not Shrink, And The Reflective Effect Is Always Bright As Before
(3) Very Convenient To Use
When Using, First Face The Stove To The Direction Of The Sun From The Direction, Put a Kettle, Pot And Other Cooking Utensils On The Pot Holder, And Then Turn The Adjustment Handle To Adjust The Elevation Angle Of The Reflective Surface, So That The Light Ball Falls On The Bottom Of The Pot Or Pot. Center Of. When Making Rice Or Pancakes, In Order To Prevent The Temperature Of The Light Spot From Being Too High, Please Adjust The Support Rod Up Or Down To Make The Light Group Larger And Lower The Temperature, Thereby Reducing The Power Of The Solar Cooker. In Short, The Use Of Solar Stoves Is Very Simple And Safe, Especially Labor-Saving, Men And Women Of All Ages Can Easily Operate And Use, Easy To Use And Labor-Saving, Is a Good Appliance For Every Family.
(4) Wide Application Range
It Is Very Suitable Fo
🌞【SPECIFICATION】——Net Weight: 15kg, Stand Material: Iron, Stove Diameter: 25.5cm (10.03inch), Support Height: 115cm (45.27inch), Solar Cooker Diameter: 150cm (59.05inch).
🌞【HIGH HEAT VALUE】——The new multifunctional solar cooker can magically convert all the light energy of the sun into heat energy instantly. The light spot gathered by the solar cooker is a heat-collecting light group, and the instantaneous temperature can be as high as 800-1000 degrees. Its thermal power is equivalent to an electric stove of 1000 to 1500 watts, which can boil 1 kg of water in 6 to 8 minutes. The wooden strips and paper placed on the light point can ignite quickly.
🌞【DURABLE AND CONVENIENT】——The reflective plate is not deformed, anti-aging, the reflective material is durable, does not change color, does not fall off, does not shrink, and the reflective effect is always bright as ever. The use of solar cookers is very simple and safe, especially labor-saving. It can be easily operated and used by men, women and children. It is easy to use and labor-saving. It is a good electrical appliance for every family.
🌞【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】——Concentrating solar cookers are very suitable for families, pastures, factories and mines canteens, border guards, outposts, islands and islands, deserts, forests, mountains and remote mountainous areas, as well as vast rural areas, towns and cities, families, schools , factories, mines, roads, railways and other sections, stations, geological surveys, field operations, travel picnics, as well as catering, street cooking, boiling water, heating food stalls, etc.
🌞【MULTIFUNCTIONAL COOKING】——Boil water, boil, fry, steam stew (stewed meat, steamed buns, boiled noodles, dumplings…), fry (scrambled eggs, fried fish, fried shrimp chips, fried steamed buns…), barbecue, etc. . all is well. It can do anything an LPG stove can do. The energy saving effect is even more significant when the solar cooker is used to provide a large amount of boiled and hot water. Solar cooker is the ideal cooker for people.

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