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Classic America WiFi Enabled, Alexa Ready, Energy Savings – Window Mounted Air Conditioners (12000 BTU 12 CEER 120 VAC) Energy Star Certification, White

Price: $375.00
(as of Mar 15,2023 10:17:06 UTC – Details)

With the window unit air conditioning 12000 btu Classic America model you can energy and money while cooling a room. Cool your home from anywhere with the app. Voice control with Alexa makes changing settings so simple. We’ve got you covered with Auto Restart, so when storms, high wind or heat waves cause a power outage, your ac window units automatically turn back on when power returns. Comes with ECO mode which will allow you to sacrifice a little bit of your comfort in exchange for energy savings! Turns unit totally off after desired temperature is reached and slowly ramps up to desired temperature when room temperature rises! Feature List: Multiple Fan Speed, On/Off Timer, Auto Restart, Filter Check reminder, Removable Washable Filter. Multiple Mode Settings – Cool, Dry, Fan, Auto. Multiple Fan settings – High, Medium, Low or Auto Speed. Installation Kit includes – Remote Control, Top Mounting Rail, Filler Panels, Screws and Insulation Strip. Easy installation guide with instructions. In the event of a power failure, your 12000 btu air conditioner wifi unit will operate at the previous settings when the power is restored. Auto Filter Check Light that will let you know when to change the filter on the 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner after 500 hours of operation. You can wash or vacuum the filter before re-inserting. Warning – the window air conditioners 12000 btu are only for Double Hung Windows.
Wi Fi Enabled – Cool your room from anywhere, anytime with your smart device using Wi-Fi and the app to control the settings on the window air conditioning unit
Easy Cool – The 12000 window air conditioner with remote has custom Eco Mode and Easy Timer Function settings for Energy Savings (sacrifice a little comfort, save big on energy costs)
Easy Installation – in double hung windows with 26-36 inches horizontal opening and at least 16 inches vertical opening. Installation instructions are simple and setting it up is a breeze
Works with Amazon Alexa – Turn your ac window unit 12000 btu on and off, set a temperature, and raise and lower the temperature by simply speaking to Amazon Alexa – Check
Energy Star Certified with Energy Saver Mode – Uses less energy air than standard 12000 btu window air conditioners reducing your energy usage and ultimately lowering your utility bills

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