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6.5KW Solar Power System with 10KWh Lithium-Iron Battery 8KW PV Complete kit (20 Panels)

Price: $14,399.00
(as of Mar 14,2023 21:25:09 UTC – Details)

The complete hybrid solar kit was specifically designed to give you the grid independence and freedom that comes when you take power generation and storage into your own hands. Whether you are needing power on a remote property, need to backup your home from emergency power outages, or simply want to try and save some money by reducing or eliminating your monthly electric bill – The kit has everything you need to get up and running with off-grid solar power. What’s included: Ships from USA! 10 or 20 x 375W Monocrystalline Solar Panels with mounting hardwares. 1 x Hysolis 6.5KW Hybrid All-In-One Stackable Inverter/Charger/Controller. 2 Lithium Battery (LiFePO4) Packs (5KWhx2). 1 x 300A Battery Breaker. 2 x battery-combiner bus-bar 4 x 10AWG Solar Extension Cables PV, approx. 20ft. 2 x 10AWG Solar Extension Cables PV, approx. 50ft, SET Wiring Schematic & Setup Steps LIFETIME Customer Support
Max Output Power 40 KWh per day for 20 Panels, 20 KWh per day for 10 panels.
Great Backup Power Supply with 6500 watts continuous output.
Double Layer Safety Protection for short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, overload, countercurrent etc.
Expandable Capacity. Inverter and battery can be expanded up to 40KW.
Easy to set up. All accessories are included. Ready to go.
25 years service life of solar panels.
7x24H Service.

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