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48PCS Solar System Model Foam Ball Kit Includes Mixed Sized Polystyrene Spheres Balls, Bamboo Sticks, Blank Toothpick Flags, 8 Color Pigments, Brushes, Paint Tray Palette for School Science Projects

Price: $18.99
(as of Apr 04,2023 21:49:40 UTC – Details)

Teaching kids about planets in a fun way
Making a solar system with the foam balls is a great activity when your kids learn about the solar system.
Kids enjoyed painting and putting it together, painting on blank foam balls encourages endless possibilities for the imagination.
Support your child’s creativity while allowing them to learn more about the world around them!

12pcs Foam balls –
Material: Polystyrene
Size(diameter/planet): 4.4inch(Sun), 3.2inch(Jupiter), 2.8inch(Saturn), 2.6inch(Uranus), 2.4inch(Neptune),
2.2inch(Earth), 2inch(Venus), 1.8inch(Mars), 1.6inch(Mercury), 1.4inch(Pluto)

2pcs Foam rings(Saturn’s rings) –
Material: Polystyrene
Size(outer diameter/inside diameter): 4inch/2.8inch

15pcs Bamboo sticks –
Material: Natural Bamboo
Size: 9.8inch

15pcs Toothpick flags –
Material: Paper, Natural Bamboo
Size: the white flag is 1.4 x 0.8inch; the toothpick is 2.6 inch in length

12 Color pigment –
Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Black, Pink, Purple
Vol.: 3ml of each color

2pcs Painting brushes –
Material: Synthetic Nylon Hair, Aluminum Ferrules and Plastic Handles
Size: 6.5inch

1pcs Paint tray palette –
Material: Plastic
Size: 5.7inch

Product includes small sharp part, please keep away from little children and not suitable for children under 8 years
Solar system kit: package comes with 12 pieces foam balls, 2 pieces foam rings, 15 pieces bamboo sticks, 15 pieces blank toothpick flags, 12 color pigments, 2 pieces painting brushes, 1 pieces small paint tray palette. Makes solar system project easy, no need to look for different sizes for planets with everything included.
Proper size: There are 10 different sizes of styrofoam balls, the proportions match the planets of the solar system, including Pluto(The picture shows planets corresponding to different sizes). The largest is 4.4 inches in diameter and the smallest is 1.4 inches in diameter, which is perfect for simulating the solar system.
Quality material: Blank foam balls are made in high denstiy polystyrene which is very light weight with smooth surface, easy to painting on. You can paint them according to your imagination and create your own solar system.
Easy to assemble: You can identify the different planets by writing the planet’s name on a blank toothpick flag and inserting it into a foam ball. No glue required, they can be easily assembled using bamboo skewers, create your planetary model to understand how our solar system is arranged.
Fun learning tool: You and your kids had a great time painting and putting this together and learnt a lot about the planets in the process. It was a decent lesson representing the Solar system for a young child. Perfect for handmade craft, DIY decoration, school project, science projects and more.

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