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1000W-6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Converter for Home, RV, Truck, Off-Grid Solar,with Built-in AC Hardwire Port, Remote 24V,3000W

Price: $185.67
(as of May 14,2023 10:46:45 UTC – Details)


1. Do not put the power inverter in ON position when your car is off. Before making any wiring to the inverter, pleasedisconnect the positive battery terminal.

2. The product can not generate nor store power, it can convert DC 12V to AC 110V, when using, use the standard cable included with the product to connect the inverter to the 12V battery and plug your AC device into the inverter.

3. Do not put the inverter in direct sunlight, but keep it in a cool and dry environment.

4. Do not use the inverter with a higher power product that the inverter can provide, as this may damage the inverter and the product.

5. When testing the output AC voltage, please pay attention to the use of modified sine wave inverter special multimeter measurement, if you use ordinary tester will get the wrong output voltage.

6. All of our products are insured. The product liability insurance is covered by  insurance company, which will better protect your interests.

【Widely Applications】Ultra compact and convenient design, easy to carry, pure sine wave output, ideal for AC household appliances or large electrical devices on trips, camping, or work sites, such as recharging mobile phones iPad, garden water pump, BBQ machine, camping lights, electric saw, drilling machine, car refrigerator etc.
【Easy-to-use】With 2 AC outlets and , meet various charging requirements, plug and play, charging anytime and anywhere during the travel and camping.
【SAFE FOR USE】Bult-in ultra-silent thermo activated cooling fan keeps the inverter running at a low temperature, prolong the life of the inverter; strong and Durable aluminum alloy housing provides advanced protection from drops and bumps.
【All round protection】Advanced pure sine wave best technology provides comprehensive safe protections: input low voltage protection,input high voltage protection, overload protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection;suitable for all types of batteries: sealed lead-acid, flooded, or gel and lithium batteries.

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